Frequently Asked Questions
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What Services Do You Offer?
A full range of Bookkeeping Services are available to you! Click HERE to see a detailed list.
Have a question or service you'd like to receive but it's not on the list? Let me know HERE.
Services are recommended based on your specific needs that we'll assess during your Complimentary Bookkeeping Analysis. You'll receive a detailed proposal with recommendation and package choices with prices during this analysis session.
How Do I Pay?
All payments for ongoing bookkeeping services are conveniently set up on auto-pay from your business checking account. 
Monthly fees are due on the first day of each month, though can also be divided between two payments if it works better for your budget.
If I am providing a one-time service, your invoice will be sent by email and you can pay conveniently online.
What Steps are Required to Begin Working with Gold Medal Bookkeeping?
We'll begin with conversation via email or messenger and then follow that up with a Complimentary Bookkeeping Analysis.
I'll walk you through each step and you'll always be able to ask any questions that arise during the process as well as ongoing!
For a more detailed list of First Steps, click HERE.
Which Accounting and Class Scheduler Programs Are Best?
I recommend using Cloud based systems that are available to you on any device. My favorites are QuickBooks Online for your accounting software and JackRabbit for your class scheduling software. I recommend cloud based systems because they are extremely secure and convenient. If you have software that is only located in one place, any number of things can compromise your confidential data and cause you to lose EVERYTHING. You could lose your computer or it may be stolen. You may drop it and it is no longer functional, or it may become damaged by your morning coffee, water or fire. By having your information secure in the cloud, you are able to access your data anywhere, even if your laptop or other device is compromised in some way.
I'm Nervous About Using the Cloud...
QuickBooks Online uses bank level security to secure your financial information. You'll have access anywhere you have internet access as well as on your phone or tablet. The convenience and security make cloud based accounting and class scheduling the best choice.

I'm OK With the Cloud, but Don't Want to Pay a Monthly Subscription...
When you work with Gold Medal Bookkeeping, your QuickBooks Online Subscription is INCLUDED in all package offerings. You'll never have to worry about an additional invoice for the recurring subscription fees. Convenient and secure access anywhere to your financial information also makes this the best option.
If you choose to purchase QuickBooks Desktop, you will need to upgrade the software annually which equates to an annual expense that is recurring. Choosing an online accounting application will save you the expense, time and frustration of upgrading. 

What If I End My Contract with Gold Medal Bookkeeping?
When you work with Gold Medal Bookkeeping, your QuickBooks Online Subscription is INCLUDED in all package offerings. You'll never have to worry about an additional invoice for the recurring subscription fees. Should either of us decide to terminate the contract, your QuickBooks Online subscription will be promptly released back to you as the master administrator and you may either pay for the subscription or enlist another accountant or bookkeeper to include the subscription cost in their service fees. You will not lose any of your financial data and won't have any change in login information for your company.

I Have a Million Transactions - How Can I Make Categorizing and Reconciling Efficient?
Whether you have just a few transactions or a million, automation is the key! You don't want to spend all your time trying to attach receipts to your transactions. You also don't want to try to organize all those tiny pieces of paper in a file cabinet, shoe box or envelope. QuickBooks Online allows receipts to be added quickly from your mobile device. If you've got a lot of receipts and invoices each month, I might suggest HubDoc for the automation of your expenses as we talk during your Complimentary Bookkeeping Analysis.

I Had a Bookkeeper Once....I Never Heard From Them...
I firmly believe in communication. I've worked for companies that were poor communicators and it was awful. I want you to feel in the know about the financial status of your gym at all times. I also am passionate about helping you more fully understand where your money comes from and where it goes. Whether it's a quick question about how something was classified, or you have a deeper question about the percentage of profit (and everything in-between), I offer a 24 business hour turn around with all communication. It's written into our contract and I'm always glad to have the opportunity to communicate with you freely throughout the month as I work to keep your books clean!

I Already Have an Accountant...Do I Also Need a Bookkeeper?
Great news! You actually should utilize BOTH! An accountant will handle your taxes at year end and provide upper level support for questions you may have related to tax laws, tax breaks, depreciation of assets, etc. They are extremely knowledgeable in these areas and will be a great resource to you and your gym. Having a bookkeeper to manage the day to day transactions and ensure they are categorized accurately and efficiently is key to handing over a clean set of books to the accountant at tax time. You won't want to be scrambling at year end trying to figure out what happened way back in January! Be sure to Contact Me today for your Complimentary Bookkeeping Analysis so your books can stay up to date year round. How wonderful it will feel to not have any catch up work when tax season comes around again!

I'm Ready to Make a Financial Breakthrough - How Can I Schedule My Complimentary Bookkeeping Analysis?
First of all, congratulations and thank you for deciding you are ready to begin the process of learning and knowing more about the finances for your gym. I always enjoy working with gym owners who invest wisely in their gym in order to create the best opportunity for everyone to participate. Please contact me HERE to schedule your Complimentary Bookkeeping Analysis. I'll look forward to scheduling a Skype call to review your gym's details and provide recommendations and a value packed proposal for bookkeeping services. 

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